The Aspiring youth of the country are the builders of the bright future

Youth Councils in the UAE were formed under the direction of leadership who believe that Youth are the key to the country’s future success. The UAE has been recognized globally for being on the cutting edge of government innovation and leading the way on global challenges.

The Vision of the UAE Leadership is to empower Emirati Youth to lead the world in every field and in every international benchmark. Central to this vision is first taking a learning posture - listening to the voices of the Youth, responding to their needs in an effective and efficient manner. The ecosystem of Youth Councils are the crucial actors in implementing and executing the UAE’s National Youth Strategy…

Imagination does not limit Youth and their creativity in all fields is expansive and extensive

Youth councils aim to achieve the following objectives:

Form local groups of young people and invest their energy and potentials in national sustainable development.
Enhance and support the spirit of loyalty and allegiance to the nation and the leadership and ensure the continuity thereof.
Find local and international youth examples capable of establishing dialogue with and openness to others in accordance with the principles of moderation and tolerance.
Empower young people to have future foresight tools in order to be able to stand up to wrong behavioral practices.