Youth Councils in the UAE were formed under the direction of leadership who believe that Youth are the key to the country’s future success. The UAE has been recognized globally for being on the cutting edge of government innovation and leading the way on global challenges.

The Vision of the UAE Leadership is to empower Emirati Youth to lead the world in every field and in every international benchmark. Central to this vision is first taking a learning posture -  listening to the voices of the Youth, responding to their needs in an effective and efficient manner. The ecosystem of Youth Councils are the crucial actors in implementing and executing the UAE’s National Youth Strategy…

Imagination does not limit Youth and their creativity in all fields is expansive and extensive

Emirates Youth Council

As the consultative branch of the UAE Government focuses on Emirati youth, the EYC advises the government in setting policies and strategies as well as launching and supporting initiatives focused on empowering and encouraging excellence in youth. The council allows the government to continuously listen to the views of youth.

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HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s declaration of the establishment of the Emirates Youth Council

“As per the memorandum of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future number 383/2016/ص on the 27th of February 2016, I’d like to bring to your attention that in the meeting of the cabinet dated on the 28th of February 2016 the following had been decided: The permitting of the establishment of the Emirates Youth Council with the leadership of Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrouie”

Local Youth Council

After the establishment of the Emirates Youth Council (EYC), seven local councils in each emirate were established.

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Ministerial Youth Council

With the success of the Emirates Youth Council and Local Youth Councils, the model of a youth council has been adopted by the federal entities of the country. A ministerial youth council is a council of youth selected from the youth working in that particular ministry, from as little as 3...

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Corporate Youth Council

The Corporate Councils will function as representative arms of youth across the UAE’s private and public sector enterprises. The Councils exist as pacemakers for change and as platforms for young populations across industries in the private sector to contribute to the leadership and vision...

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Global Youth Councils

The Global Youth Councils bring together Emirati students from across the world to promote cross-cultural understanding, boost leadership skills, and prepare students to make a positive impact in their universities and communities. The GYCs foster global relationships among Emirati students and...

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A Federal Youth Council in every Ministry: specialized youth council to activate the role of youth and harness their potential
A Local Youth Council in every emirate: The operational and engaging arm of the youth in the respective emirate.
Global Youth Councils: knowledge sharing platforms for the youth to observe, learn and acquire best global practices in regards to youth and pass them on to the UAE.
Corporate Youth Councils: a platform to empowering and engage youth in their respective entities and develop them as future leaders.
Emirates Youth Council members have participated in more than 25 social activities.
The Youth Councils worked to gather more than 350 opportunities for the youth in different emirates, and more than 130 local study on the youth.
Emirates Youth Council members have participated in more than 35 national events, and more than 9 global workshops and conferences.
Emirates Youth Council organized and hosted more than 14 innovation labs.
The Youth Councils have received sponsorships totaling more than 2.4 million AED.
More than 13 roadmaps and action plans on youth have been developed.
A total of more than 29,500 youth have been engaged.